Magnolia 5.6.3 fixes a critical bug in the Multisite module:  MULTISITE-84 - Getting issue details... STATUS . Please skip Magnolia 5.6.2 and go directly to Magnolia 5.6.3.

This release introduces a mechanism to mark YAML-based definitions as deprecated. It helps you discover faster if a definition you depend on has been deprecated in favor of a better replacement.

You can see usages of the deprecated definitions in Definitions app. Check the app for problems every time you update Magnolia. We will use the new deprecation markup in Magnolia modules – we recommend you do the same to help developers who consume definitions from your modules.

In this release we also ship a sticker to visually identify your Magnolia instances. The sticker is displayed in AdminCentral next to your user name. Use it to label your instances by environment and type so that users can immediately tell where they are working: in "DEV author" or "PROD public 1" for instance. This popular suggestion reduces confusion and helps you avoid making the mistake of editing something in a wrong instance.

We also introduce a new filter to add HTTP response headers. An example shows how to support cross-origin resource sharing. CORS is particularly useful in a headless scenario where an external web page requests content from your Magnolia instance.

Finally, we fix a cross-site scripting vulnerability in STK and remind you that STK is now deprecated. It's time to retire any STK based sites and start fresh with your favorite front-end framework backed by MTE.

Changes for authors

Sticker to visually distinguish instances and production environments in AdminCentral

You can configure a sticker to clearly show in AdminCentral what type of instance and environment authors and developers are currently working in. Minimize the risk of accidental, unwanted or even harmful edits in AdminCentral, especially in complex chain-production installations.

Enable and configure the sticker using the following two properties in the configuration of Magnolia:


"Select all" checkbox re-enabled in Pulse and configurable

This Magnolia release puts back the Select all checkbox in the Pulse:

The feature was removed with the release of Magnolia 5.6 due to decreased memory performance when the checkbox was used on extremely large datasets.

Beginning with this release, you can configure the maximum number of items the checkbox may select using a new property: /modules/ui-admincentral/config/pulse/selectAll@threshold. By default, the checkbox selects a maximum of 1 000 items. 

You can disable the checkbox by adding the enabled property to its configuration and setting it to false.


Changes for developers

Deprecating YAML-based definitions through metadata

The introduction of the new info.magnolia.config.source.yaml.construct.WrapMetadata construct allows you to deprecate YAML-based definitions. You can mark a YAML-based definition as deprecated like this:

deprecated: !metadata
  since: 5.5.6
  description: The dialog uses the deprecated PlaceholderTextFieldDefinition. Please use the placeholder property instead.

The deprecated definition is displayed in the Definitions app:

The app reports the following deprecated or non-existing items:

  • Deprecated classes used by any definition.
  • Deprecated or non-existing templates used by block definitions.
  • Template references:
    • Deprecated or non-existing dialogs.
    • Deprecated or non-existing component definitions used in page definitions.
    • Non-existing template script paths.
    • Configured but non-existing renderer.

In this release of Magnolia, the app does not yet report the following deprecations:

  • Usage of a deprecated block definition.
  • Usage of deprecated or non-existing page templates.
  • Usage of deprecated or non-existing themes.
  • Usage of deprecated or non-existing apps/fieldTypes or any other kind of definition.


Additional operators implemented for REST query filter

Three additional filter operators are now implemented in the REST delivery endpoint API: ne , in and not-in. For a full list of supported operators and filter formats see filter options.


New server filter for adding HTTP headers

The new info.magnolia.cms.filters.AddHeadersFilter implementation class allows you to configure a filter for adding HTTP headers to enable, for example, Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).


Preconfigured stand-alone Apache Tomcat container

You can now download a preconfigured Apache Tomcat servlet container that does not come with any Magnolia webapp. Use it to combine a specific Magnolia webapp with Tomcat without worrying about the configuration of the servlet and the selected webapp.


Links to resources no longer include language prefix

To create correct URIs to resources, the info.magnolia.module.resources.ResourceLinker class of the Resources module and info.magnolia.multisite.MultiSiteResourceLinker of the Multisite module do not add language prefixes such as en or de into the URI.


YAML configuration restored after publishing a deletion of a hotfixed version

When you publish a deletion of a YAML configuration file hotfix, the original configuration is now correctly reloaded at YamlConfigurationSource#loadAndRegister.


New FieldValueConverter deprecates Vaadin 7 converter

The following converter classes do not extend anymore:

  • info.magnolia.ui.form.field.converter.IdentifierToPathConverter
  • info.magnolia.ui.form.field.converter.BaseIdentifierToPathConverter
  • info.magnolia.ui.form.field.converter.StringToCalendarConverter

Migrate your custom converters to extend the new info.magnolia.ui.form.field.converter.FieldValueConverter.


Slash incorrectly appended to the .resources URL

Magnolia CORE 5.6.3 fixes a bug we found in the Multisite module shortly after releasing Magnolia CORE 5.6.2: a slash is incorrectly appended to the .resources URL if the webapp is located under the Tomcat root.


Changes for administrators

Separate indexing configuration files

The search improvements we implemented in the website workspace ( MAGNOLIA-6188 ) affect the indexing performance of all workspaces. Therefore, the generic indexing configuration used for all workspaces /info/magnolia/jackrabbit/indexing_configuration.xml has been deprecated.

The default indexing configuration is now stored in /info/magnolia/jackrabbit/indexing_configuration_default.xml and should be used for all workspaces except the website workspace. The website workspace has its own separate configuration in /info/magnolia/jackrabbit/indexing_configuration_website.xml.

It's possible to create your own targeted indexing configurations on a per workspace basis. See Search Index Configuration File for details on available options. 

If you are updating to Magnolia 5.6.3 we recommend that you set the indexing configuration in each workspace.xml configuration file to the default configuration using the indexingConfiguration parameter: 

<param name="indexingConfiguration" value="/info/magnolia/jackrabbit/indexing_configuration_default.xml"/>


Specify a location when creating compressed backups

When creating a compressed ZIP backup using the backup script in command line, you must now specify where you want to create the zip backup file.

To do so, you must use -z with the new  -zp ( --zipPath ) flag with a path to the zip backup file as the argument.



See the 5.6.2 changelog and the 5.6.3 changelog for all the changes. 

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, read the Upgrading to Magnolia 5.6.x page first and check the Known issues section on it.

Updated modules

Please be aware that even though this release is called Magnolia CORE 5.6.3, all but three modules in this release are taken from the 5.6.2 release and their version numbers remain unchanged. The three modules that have been updated and their version numbers increased in the 5.6.3 release are displayed in bold.

If you are updating from an earlier version:
Projects based on an older maven archetype may not build correctly - because the version of the Magnolia main modules is not the same as the Magnolia bundle anymore. If you experience a problem,
please update your project parent pom .

  • Barebones Magnolia Tomcat Bundle 1.0
  • Cache 5.6.2
  • Community Edition 5.6.3
  • Content Editor 1.1.2
  • Demo Projects 1.2.2
  • Enterprise Edition 5.6.3
  • Google Analytics Visualization 1.2
  • Jackrabbit Backup 2.2.1
  • Javascript Models 1.1.1
  • Jcr Tools 1.2.1
  • Language Bundles 1.0.11
  • Magnolia 5.6.2
  • Multisite 1.3.2
  • Pages 5.6.1
  • Resources 2.6.1
  • REST Client 1.5.1
  • REST Framework 2.0.2
  • Standard Templating Kit 3.1.1
  • Third-party library BOM 5.6.2
  • UI 5.6.2


The Magnolia team would also like to thank everyone who reported issues, contributed patches, or simply commented on issues for this release. Your continued interest helps us make Magnolia better. Special thanks go to: David Caviedes Marquez, Thomas Duffey, Soisik Froger, Marc Johnen, Robert Kowalski, Philip Mundt, Adrien Sauvez and Tom Wespi.

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  1. The release seems to not yet be in the nexus repository. I can see 5.6.2 but not 5.6.3. When will it be available?

      1. Hi Christoph

        I'm looking at;magnolia.public.releases~browsestorage and under info->magnolia->magnolia-core I can see 5.6.2 but not 5.6.3. It does not help to log in.

        Also when running mvn install on a 5.6.3 Project i get:

        [WARNING] The POM for info.magnolia:magnolia-core:jar:5.6.3 is missing, no dependency information available

        1. Dear Sandrin
          As it was written above on this page.

          Please be aware that even though this release is called Magnolia CORE 5.6.3, all but three modules in this release are taken from the 5.6.2 release and their version numbers remain unchanged. The three modules that have been updated and their version numbers increased in the 5.6.3 release are displayed in bold.

          (The message was a bit "hidden" in a "expand box" - I have it moved out of that box now.)

          Only the 2 bundle projects
          - Community Edition 5.6.3
          - Enterprise Edition 5.6.3
          plus Multisite 1.3.2
          have been released.
          All the other modules have the same numbers as released with Magnolia 5.6.3
          Hence, info.magnolia:magnolia-core:jar:5.6.3 does not yet exist.


          1. Yes, I got it. I had a dependency to magnolia-core with the version 5.6.3 in my module. I removed the version because it's defined in the bundle and now it takes magnolia-core 5.6.2 and works fine.

            Thanks a lot Christoph!

            By the way: The dependancy was created by the Maven archetype for a module. Remove it, if you use it with this release. Otherwise you will run into this issue.

  2. Can you also release the magnolia-external-dependencies artifact with version 5.6.3?

    1. Dear Roland

      magnolia-external-dependencies:5.6.3 has not been released.

      Only the 2 bundle projects
      Community Edition 5.6.3
      Enterprise Edition 5.6.3
      plus Multisite 1.3.2
      have been released with the 5.6.3 release.

      All the other artifacts have the same numbers as released with Magnolia 5.6.2


  3. I've experienced a huge slow down of the time needed to startup the tomcat bundle of 5.6.3 CE release, compared to 5.6.1 CE bundle.

    After some investigations I've noticed that starting from the 5.6.3 version, the workspace.xml of all the workspaces have the url of the persistence manager with the AUTO_SERVER property set to TRUE.

    By disabling this h2 feature the startup process was reduced from 8 minutes (unusable for me in dev phase) to 96 seconds (as usual).

    Now comes my question: does turning the AUTO_SERVER feature off has some drawback, given the changes made in 5.6.3 regarding the indexing (separate configuration for every workspace)?

    Thank you!

  4. Hello,

    related to Separateindexingconfigurationfiles:

    is it not necessary to also recommend to update indexingConfiguration in jackrabbit-*-search-xml files?

    <SearchIndex class="org.apache.jackrabbit.core.query.lucene.SearchIndex">
          <param name="path" value="${wsp.home}/index" />
          <!-- SearchIndex will get the indexing configuration from the classpath, if not found in the workspace home -->
          <param name="indexingConfiguration" value="/info/magnolia/jackrabbit/indexing_configuration.xml"/>