Magnolia 5.6 reached end of life on June 25, 2020, see End-of-life policy. A final maintenance release will be announced.

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Magnolia CORE 5.6.6 corrects a security vulnerability and several bugs. It also brings the following changes and improvements: 

Changes for developers

Other users may bootstrap content

Bootstrapping can be now delegated to, and approved by, any user you define under the new users node in the configuration of the Content Importer module. Until this release, only superuser was allowed to bootstrap content


Full text search in asset and resource nodes

Content stored as binary data (PDF, doc) is now searchable in the Assets App.

The Jackrabbit indexing configuration for the dam workspace overrides the default one used by most modules. The indexing configuration aggregates the contents stored under the mgnl:asset and mgnl:resource nodes, which allows you to run full text searches in both asset metadata and contents.

If you are updating to Magnolia 5.6.6 we recommend that you set the indexing configuration in the dam workspace.xml configuration file to use the dam specific configuration with the indexingConfiguration parameter:

<param name="indexingConfiguration" value="/info/magnolia/jackrabbit/indexing_configuration_dam.xml"/>

Changing this parameter will also require that you re-index the dam workspace. The larger the workspace the longer this can take to complete.


New @nodes handle in REST API to get children of a path

Previously, to obtain a list of nodes under the root of a configured endpoint, you had to configure the endpoint to contain the rep:root nodetype. Version 2.1.1 of the Magnolia REST Framework simplifies this by introducing the  nodes handle. Append the handle to the path of a REST URI and the Delivery endpoint API v2 returns an array containing child nodes under the path. A general example using the @nodes handle:

curl https://<host>/.rest/<endpointPath>/@nodes

The path can be any subpath accessible in the configured endpoint, not just the root path of the endpoint. The items in the array are returned in their natural order.


Fixed an issue with the readOnly property in some field definitions

common field property called readOnly that you use to make a field uneditable is now working correctly again in the following field types: CheckboxFieldLinkFieldPasswordFieldSwitchableField and TextAndContentViewField.



If you are upgrading from an earlier version, read the Upgrading to Magnolia 5.6.x page first and check the Known issues section on it.


See the 5.6.6 changelog for all the changes. 

Updated modules

Please be aware that the version numbers for the Magnolia main and UI projects are not in sync with the version number of this release. 

If you are updating from an earlier version:
Projects based on an older maven archetype may not build correctly starting with Magnolia 5.6.3 - because the version of the Magnolia main modules is not the same as the Magnolia bundle anymore. If you experience a problem,
please update your project parent pom .

  • Community Edition 5.6.6
  • Content Importer 1.0.2
  • DAM 2.3.1
  • Definitions app 1.1.3
  • Demo Projects 1.2.4
  • Enterprise Edition 5.6.6
  • Form 2.4.2
  • LDAP support 1.10.1
  • Magnolia 5.6.5
  • Publishing 1.0.4
  • REST Framework 2.1.1
  • UI 5.6.5
  • Weblogic 2.2.1
  • Workflow 5.7.1


The Magnolia team would also like to thank everyone who reported issues, contributed patches, or simply commented on issues for this release. Your continued interest helps us make Magnolia better. Special thanks go to Robin Wilson.

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