The Site app allows you to configure a site definition for your website.

Go to Web Dev > Site to open the app.


The Site app is installed by the Site module. The app is based on the content app framework so its configuration is typical of any content app.

The app is configured at Configuration > /modules/site-app/apps/site.

Node name





Site modules

The Site app is actually a shortcut that displays the configuration from either the site module or multisite module.


  • config:/modules/site/config/site in a single site setup (Community Edition, Enterprise Edition Std) uses the configuration class .

    Only a single site definition is supported in CE and EE Std.


  • config:/modules/multisite/config/sites in a multisite setup (Enterprise Edition Pro) each site has a parent node. This gives the site a name, such as, fallback, travel or sportstation. Each of those sites can have a separate  configuration.

    In EE Pro multiple site definitions are possible. Each definition will have a name and a configuration node.

Node types

The Site module operates on mgnl:content and mgnl:folder node types.

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