Magnolia 5.6 reached end of life on June 25, 2020, see End-of-life policy. A final maintenance release will be announced.

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Make big use of small apps. They are perfect for editing single things.

Small app is a design pattern that works well for editing:

  • Single things such as mail configuration.
  • Things you don't need to touch very often.

Use the small app pattern for tools and configuration tasks. A small app is minimal and focused, reducing complexity even beyond content apps. 

You can see the pattern in practice in:

  • About Magnolia app which tells you about the instance (single thing) when you need to check details such as license validity (not often)
  • Mail app which configures SMTP settings (single thing, tool-like scenario) and allows you verify that they work (not often)
  • RSS Aggregator app which configures updates (tool-like usage).
  • Messages app which sends messages to users (tool-like usage).

Visually the small app is a basic gray container that contains a form. You can add many of these gray boxes into a single small app but keeping true with the purpose of this pattern, keep it simple. It is an easily recognizable layout.

Mail app:

About Magnolia app:

RSS aggregator configuration:



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