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You may only have one environment of each type per package at any given time. Therefore, if an environment of the same type already exists, you have to tear it down before you can create a new one.

To tear down an environment: 

  1. In the Package overview page, click Manage environments in the Environments section.
  2. Click Tear down an environment.
  3. Choose what kind of environment you want to tear down: Live, UAT or Integration. 
  4. Confirm the consequences of the teardown and click Tear down <environment name>

    While the Tear down action does not create a backup, the system automatically creates backups in the Live environment and a backup should therefore already exist. To be on the safe side, you may want to create a backup manually anyway before tearing down a Live environment.

    When you tear down the UAT and Integration environments, you lose your content and configuration. There is no way to recover it. However, you can recover Magnolia and your custom light modules at any time. See How and where data is kept safe for more.

  5. Click OK. As all actions in the Magnolia cockpit are asynchronous, you can click on OK before the action is complete: it will run in the background and a notification will display once it is complete. The action also appears in the activity log.


* Setting up a new environment