Magnolia 5.7 reached extended end of life on May 31, 2022. Support for this branch is limited, see End-of-life policy. Please note that to cover the extra maintenance effort, this EEoL period is a paid extension in the life of the branch. Customers who opt for the extended maintenance will need a new license key to run future versions of Magnolia 5.7. If you have any questions or to subscribe to the extended maintenance, please get in touch with your local contact at Magnolia.

The Content Tags module makes content tagging possible. The module contains UI classes to enable tagging on content apps and provides  tagfn  templating functions to search for tagged content.

Module structure



Parent reactor.


Provides the API and the tagfn templating functions.


Provides UI components (such as actions and the tag-field) and the content-tags app.


The module is bundled with the magnolia-enterprise-pro-webapp. All the other webapps and bundles inherit the module from this webapp (see preconfigured Magnolia bundles and webapps).

Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle. The parent POM of your webapp project should set the latest version of the module automatically. Should you need to use a specific module version, you can define it using the <version/> in the dependency.


It is sufficient to add magnolia-content-tags-ui only to the pom file of your webapp and let let Maven handle the dependency to magnolia-content-tags-core.


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