Magnolia 5.7 reached extended end of life on May 31, 2022. Support for this branch is limited, see End-of-life policy. Please note that to cover the extra maintenance effort, this EEoL period is a paid extension in the life of the branch. Customers who opt for the extended maintenance will need a new license key to run future versions of Magnolia 5.7. If you have any questions or to subscribe to the extended maintenance, please get in touch with your local contact at Magnolia.

In this tutorial you create a website with Magnolia. You learn how to create templates and how to display content from a content app. You can use front-end developer tools; no need for Java. We assume that you know the basics of Magnolia which are explained in Hello Magnolia.


Eric loves cars. He can't afford a big collection of real cars but besides having a Citroën 2CV he collects car photos and trivia about classic cars. Eric wants to create a website to share his interest.

Getting the files

In this tutorial you need to create some files. The files are available for download but we recommend that you create them by hand – it's a better way to learn. But download them anyway. It helps to have a complete version to look up when required.

Option 1: Git clone

Clone the project if you are familiar with Git. Use a terminal, go to a directory of your choice, and clone:

git clone

Option 2: Download zip files

The following pages explain what the zip files are used for.

Next: Installing Magnolia and a content app


  1. Hi,

    I completed this tutorial till "Using site definition" and published the page. But when I call the page from the public instance http://domain/magnoliaPublic/erics-cars.html I got following error:

    Here is the error - copied to paste.bin:

    (I have edited this comment.
    Please do not paste huge error stack trace here - but rather provide a link to a file which contains the error message or a fragment from the log-file

    Christoph Meier ).

    1. Brice Nzuakue - I will fix  the tutorial now. While doing it, access to the pages will be restricted. I hope to finish it quickly.


    2. Brice Nzuakue 

      F.Y.I. - the tutorial is fixed now for Magnolia 5.7. It works again.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Kind regards, 

  2. Christoph Meier still get the same problem.

    1. I went through the adapted tutorial a few times. Successfully. 
      Please note that there are some changes! Check the this commit to get an overview of what has changed.

  3. I already made that change yesterday but still getting the problem. How can I send you my whole files? Maybe that would be hepful.

    1. I will not parse all your files.

      Try this: If you have created the includable fragment after the creation of the file which does include it, save the latter again to force the YAML parser to properly register the dialog definition. 

      And what always is a good advice: Open the Definitions app, have a look at the Problems subapp.

  4. For other guys who will face on this problem, you need to copy magnolia-app-tutorial-1.4.8.jar file to Publish instance too ($<your-magnolia-installation>/apache-tomcat-x.y/webapps/magnoliaPublic/WEB-INF/lib). And also need to update the magnolia.resources.dir config for your Publish instance the same as Author.