Magnolia 5.7 reached extended end of life on May 31, 2022. Support for this branch is limited, see End-of-life policy. Please note that to cover the extra maintenance effort, this EEoL period is a paid extension in the life of the branch. Customers who opt for the extended maintenance will need a new license key to run future versions of Magnolia 5.7. If you have any questions or to subscribe to the extended maintenance, please get in touch with your local contact at Magnolia.

The amount disk space required for a Magnolia instance depends on what data you store and how many versions of content you keep. Today, marketing oriented websites use a lot of images and video. It is not uncommon for such a website to have 5-10 GB of Web content.

Best practice

We recommend that you allocate at least 50 GB of disk space for an author instance and 25 GB for a public instance.

Example calculation:

What takes space?GB
Total website content including assets such as images and videos.5
Magnolia and Tomcat systems.0.5
Cached content, assuming cache is 70% full.3.5
Site is served in two languages. The other language is also cached.3.5

Content is indexed for search. A compressed index is 20% of the original data size.

Logs: access, audit, error5
Temporary storage for streaming large files5
Total for a public instance23.5
Versioning on author instance, assuming 30% of content is versioned 20 times.30
Total for an author instance53.5

Adjust the numbers to your needs.

  • Is your site smaller?
  • Is your database on the same machine as the application server? You can also persist data to a remote database.
  • Have you switched off versioning?

There are many options for reducing the space required. However, assume that you need up to 50 GB of space out of the box.