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HTTP and JCR session debugging.

HTTP session debugging

For HTTP session related issues, check:

  • The contents of the sessions
  • When the sessions are created
  • What attributes are added/removed

Magnolia provides a basic SessionDebugger class to assist with this process. The SessionDebugger class is both a javax.servlet.Filter and an HttpSessionListener. To enable the filter, register it in Magnolia's filter chain. To enable the session event listener, add the following to your web.xml:


This listener logs a large quantity of data in WARN mode. Be sure to disable this process when the debugging session is over.

JCR session monitoring

Magnolia includes a simple JMX Mbean which allows you monitor currently opened JCR sessions. Connect to your container (for instance using JConsole) and locate the Magnolia JCRStats MBean. It will show you how many JCR sessions are currently open. See Monitoring for more.

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