Magnolia 6.0 reached end of life on June 26, 2019. This branch is no longer supported, see End-of-life policy.

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This module sets the cache policy and cache store configuration on installation, allowing you to cache pages that contain personalized content. See Personalization.


Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:


Pre-built jars are also available for download. See Installing a module for help.


  1. Go to the app, unset all checkboxes for site aware workspaces and confirm.
  2. Set the property  /modules/cache/config/contentCaching/defaultPageCache/cachePolicy@class  to   info.magnolia.module.cache.cachepolicy.Default
  3. Set the property /modules/cache/config/contentCaching/defaultPageCache/executors/store/cacheContent@class to  info.magnolia.module.cache.executor.Store
  4. Create /modules/cache/config/contentCaching/defaultPageCache/cachePolicy/ttlVoters/PersonalizedContentTtlVoter@class and  set its value to info.magnolia.personalization.cache.PersonalizedContentTtlVoter
  5. Shut down Magnolia, remove the Advanced Cache module JAR ( magnolia-advanced-cache-personalization.jar ) from WEB-INF/lib and start up Magnolia again