Use the Magnolia Content type definition to specify a content type.

The Magnolia Content Types module is currently available as a Developer Preview. The full version is still under development.

This developer preview brings several powerful features. Please try it out and feel free to send us your feedback and suggestions based on your experience.

We are working to finalize the module as soon as possible.

A Magnolia content type is a formal definition for a type of content in Magnolia including the properties the type may contain and its relationships to other types of content. A content type is configured in a content type definition that includes the data source definition and the model definition.

Content type items can be managed by a content app. The content can be embedded into web pages or served via REST in a headless approach.

The base interfaces for content type definition are agnostic of data source type. However, the magnolia-content-types module provides also specific definition classes for JCR data to define custom JCR workspaces, node types, and namespaces.

The definition item can be supplied via any Magnolia Resource origin. You can create them in a light module, in a Magnolia Maven module or in the JCR configuration workspace (see Location of the content type definitions). New content type definition items are detected by the magnolia-content-types module and registered at the ContentTypeRegistry using the name of the definition as the ID.

Follow the Content Types tutorial to learn how to use Magnolia content types, create content type definitions and corresponding apps.


Example configuration:

  workspace: tourguides
  autoCreate: true
  nodeType: mt:tourGuide
    - name: birthday
      type: Date
    - name: gender
    - name: shortBio
Here we only focus on the top level properties of the content type definition.



Defines the data source. Please read Content type Data source definition for further information.



Defines the model of the content type. Please read the Content type Model definition for further information.



The value of the name property is automatically assigned by the name of the resource which defines the content type (YAML file name without the suffix or JCR node name).

Set the property in the content definition to override the automatically assigned value.

Location of content type definitions

The definition item can be supplied via any Magnolia Resource origin. You can create them in a light module, in a Magnolia Maven module or in the JCR configuration workspace.

Add the configuration to the /<module-name>/contentTypes folder.

└── contentTypes
    └── my-content-type.yaml

Name of the definition: my-content-type

Add the configuration to the resources/<module-name>/contentTypes folder.

└── src
    └── main
        └── resources
            └── my-maven-module
                └── contentTypes
                    └── larrys-content-type.yaml

Name of the definition: larrys-content-type

Add the configuration to the /modules/<module-name>/contentTypes folder.

Node name





Name of the definition: boat-content-type

Interface and class

The base interface for a content type definition is ContentTypeDefinition. The base implementation class is ConfiguredContentTypeDefinition.

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  1. example of using mgnl namespace:

      workspace: externalProfiles
      autoCreate: true
      nodeType: mgnl:externalProfile