Use the delivery API to obtain JCR data as JSON. This REST resource is customizable and flexible to use.

Two versions of the delivery endpoint exist. Both versions can resolve references to nodes of other JCR workspaces. But only version 2 can deliver localized content.

Delivery endpoint v2

Version 2 was introduced with Magnolia REST 2.1 and provides more flexibility. You can use it to define multiple endpoint configurations, deliver localized content and resolve references to nodes of other workspaces including assets and asset renditions.

See Delivery endpoint API v2.

Delivery endpoint v1

Version 1 was introduced with Magnolia REST 2.0. You can configure a single endpoint for your project.

Version 1 is deprecated, but you can still use it if required. We recommend you use the newer version 2.

See Delivery endpoint API v1.

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