This documentation is still in progress. We are working hard to update all our screenshots to the new Magnolia 6 style. Please bear with us.

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This page provides a comprehensive summary of deprecations that have been announced on Magnolia 6.0.x release notes pages as mandated by our Deprecation policy. For deprecations which took place before the release of Mangolia 6.0, please refer to the End-of-life announcements.

Google Sitemap module and app

The Google Sitemap module and app were deprecated with the release of Magnolia 6.0 and are no longer shipped in our bundles. 

The module provided very narrow functionality and was not suitable for complex sites. It did not cater to common site configurations and structures. As Magnolia allows Solr-based searches, we recommend using a Solr-based sitemap instead. For further details see for example Kevin Cowan: Generating a Sitemap from a Solr Index.

JavaServer Pages (JSP)

DEV-1058 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Along with the release of Magnolia 6.0 support for JavaServer Pages (JSP) has been dropped mainly due to the fact that this technology is now generally considered outdated.

This means that the Apache Standard Taglibs and the Templating JSP module are not included in our bundles and webapps, and JSP is no longer available as a page renderer.

If you rely on JSP-based functionalities, see the following links for alternative solutions. Some of the links will take you to Magnolia's Community Wiki. 

If you wish to keep using JSP in the 6.0 branch, please contact Magnolia Services first.

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