This page describes how to set up Magnolia's image recognition feature for use with Amazon Rekognition Image.


This section lists the prerequisites for using Magnolia with Amazon Rekognition Image.

Recognition class

Make sure that you have configured the following value for the class property at /modules/image-recognition/currentImageRecognitionService:

AWS service permissions

First make sure that you have acquired appropriate permissions for the service in the Amazon IAM Management Console:

Access keys

You need to obtain two AWS access keys for the service:

  • Access Key ID 
  • Secret Access Key

Add the keys to your Magnolia instance using the Password managerUse the following passwords to store the keys in the Passwords app:




For more information about the keys, see Understanding and Getting Your Security Credentials.

Region name

You need to know a region name to configure the Amazon Rekognition Image service in Magnolia. To reduce data latency, AWS offer several regional endpoints. Each of the endpoints can be referred to in service configurations by a region name, for example eu-west-1.

For more information see Amazon's AWS Regions and Endpoints page. Please note that if you pick a region that does not support this service, you may get erratic results.

AWS libraries

Your running instance should contain the latest version available of the following JARs:

Configuration options

(warning) The config options may change for the final version.

See IMGREC-24 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Under /modules/amazon-image-recognition/config you can configure the following properties for the recognition service: 



















Label designating a regional endpoint to which the image recognition service connects, such as eu-west-1.

For a list of available regions and labels, see



Maximum number of tags you want the recognition service to return.

An integer value. Minimum value is 0. If 0 is used, no tag would be assigned to an image asset.



The confidence score of recognition.

A value between 0 and 100.

The Amazon Rekognition service returns a confidence score for each image tag. Image tags with a recognition confidence lower than the value of the minConfidence property are dropped.

Setting the value higher usually results in fewer tags being attached to an image asset. A higher confidence means that the tag more correctly describes the image or its components.


(a node)


A list of <Property-Name>: <Media-subtype-name> image formats defining which image types are automatically recognized by the image recognition service, for example:

png: png

The Amazon Rekognition service currently supports only two image formats: JPEG and PNG.

See also

Be aware that the Amazon Rekognition service has several service limits which may influence the performance of the recognition process. For more information see Amazon Rekognition Limits.

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