The Local Image Recognition module complements the Image Recognition module by providing a functionality to recognize images locally. The module is provided as an alternative for users who do not want to use the Amazon Rekognition service. The module uses a pre-trained neural network based on the VGG16 recognition model and the ImageNet database.


To install the module, add the following dependency to your pom files. All the other necessary dependencies will be brought in automatically:


Pre-built jars are also available for download. See Installing a module for help.


To enable image recognition through the Local Image Recognition module:

  • Open the Configuration app.
  • Go to the configuration of the image-recognition module.
  • Under the currentImageRecognitionService node, set the value of the class property to


In the module, you can adjust the minConfidence under /modules/local-image-recognition/config.


optional, default is 30

The confidence score of recognition.

An integer value between 0-100. The filter drops the tags with confidence lower than the value of this property. Setting the value higher usually results in fewer image results but a higher confidence that the image is recognized accurately.


For usage information, see the Image recognition feature page.

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