The Passwords app, installed by the Password manager module, allows you to manage (add, import, change, delete) passwords centrally in the administration of Magnolia. By default the app is provisioned to the superuser role only. 


The configuration of the app is stored in the YAML definition file /password-manager/apps/password-manager.yaml .

The password browser

In the browser subapp, create/delete and use folders to organize the passwords:

When creating a folder name, all spaces in the name of the folder will be replaced with a dash (-) character when saving the folder.

For the passwords to be accessible also on the public instance, you have to publish the given password node(s).

The password edit dialog

Use the dialog to change the name and/or the value of the password. When typing the characters in the password value fields, the value is always disclosed by asterisks: 

The Password ID field shows the password's JCR UUID, which can be used to reference the password in the registry.

If you duplicate an existing password using the Duplicate password action in the Action bar of the app, the duplicated (new) password's value remains the same as the original but it is assigned a new UUID number.

Use cases

Amazon Rekognition access keys

Magnolia's Image recognition feature allows using the Amazon Rekognition service for image recognition. The configuration for this feature requires storing two access keys in the Passwords app, see Image recognition via Amazon Rekognition: Access keys.

Mail app

Let's suppose you want to use a password stored in the Passwords app in the configuration of how Magnolia sends emails.

  1. Go to the Mail app
  2. Select Authentication with username and password.
  3. Click Select new to choose an existing password from the Passwords app.

In this way you can reuse one and the same password in more apps and remember fewer passwords.

Referencing passwords

Do not use module and relative path to reference a password in the registry. There are several drawbacks to this method. Rather, use the password's JCR UUID.

Example: Defining a link field for choosing passwords

  - name: passwordKeyStoreId
    fieldType: link
    targetWorkspace: keystore
    appName: password-manager
    label: Select password
      class: info.magnolia.ui.form.field.converter.BaseIdentifierToPathConverter
Node nameValue











Select password



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