To bootstrap content in light modules, the Content Importer module needs to be installed.

This page provides an overview of how bootstrapping works in light modules. Please also see Content Importer module which provides additional details on the subject.

Bootstrap files are used to load content into the JCR. Bootstrap files make it easier to share content across Magnolia instances. In light modules, bootstrap files are typically used to load content such as pages, assets and others.

How bootstrapping in light modules works

  1. First, check or re-configure bootstrapping settings.

  2. Export JCR data from Magnolia's AdminCentral.
  3. Place the exported files in the bootstrap folder on the file system of a running Magnolia instance.
  4. When Magnolia detects a change in the bootstrap directory it either imports content immediately or sends a task to the Tasks app.
  5. superuser assigns himself the task and imports the content into the corresponding workspace in the JCR. 

See How content import works for a more detailed explanation.

Bootstrap files can also be imported or bootstrapped manually using the import actions in the JCR Browser and many other apps.

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