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A release wraps the latest changes in the Integration environment in preparation for installation on the UAT or Live environment. A new release contains all the Integration environment snapshots installed since the last release was created .  

All releases are stored by Magnolia in the cloud and you can restore a previous version if you need to.


  • Before you can define a release at least one snapshot must be installed in the Integration environment.
  • When an installed snapshot has been defined as a release you cannot define another release until you install another snapshot.
  1. In Installed releases click Install an update.
  2. Click Define a new release.
  3. Defining the release is a three-step process:
    1. Click Next in Select snapshot step. 
    2. Add a name and description in Describe the new release. These details are then displayed in the Installed releases section of the Package overview page as well as when you hover over the version number in the Environments section. 
    3. Click OK in Define the release. As all actions in the Magnolia cockpit are asynchronous, you can click on OK before the action is complete: it will run in the background. 
    An information message displays in the cockpit and the new release details are displayed in Installed releases section.

    This action appears in the activity log and a notification banner is displayed:


* Installing a release in UAT