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This page gives an overview of the complete Magnolia development cycle:

Depending on your subscription package, the environments available to you may differ.

For example, you may have only a single Live environment available, or only a UAT and a Live environment. In these cases, you can install a development snapshot directly in the Live or in the UAT environment respectively. 

Local development

Creating new features and functions in your Magnolia package starts with local development. After cloning the remote Git repository linked to your Magnolia subscription package, you install a Magnolia local development bundle on your machine. This is where you develop new features before sending them to the cloud via the Git repository.  

Have a look at the prerequisites below before you get started.

Working in Magnolia

After developing locally and pushing your work to the Magnolia Git repository, log in to the cockpit to retrieve your work.  As well as providing an overview of your package's status, the cockpit is the starting point for all the actions you can do in Magnolia in the cloud:

  • Install updates using Magnolia - Create development snapshots and releases to deploy and test new features through the different environments in Magnolia before making your site available to your customers.
  • Manage environments in Magnolia - Create and manage the environments and running instances of Magnolia in the cloud.



Java 1.8 or higher is required to run the Magnolia local development bundle.  If you do not know whether you have Java installed or which version you have, please read get Java.


Git is required in order to develop for Magnolia in the cloud. You need:

Best practice

Magnolia recommends that you develop your light module files using Magnolia CLI. If you want to use it, you have to install it. Magnolia light modules can nonetheless also be developed without using Magnolia CLI.

Hands-on learning

Try out our end-to-end "Hello-cloud" development tutorial, in which you set up a light module and deploy it in Magnolia.

Just follow Cloudy:  


* Setting up a local Git repository