Pop-ups are non-intrusive messages that inform the user whether an action was completed or aborted successfully. Typically they confirm something. Pop-ups look like Post-IT notes. They go away automatically and don't require user action. Use pop-ups to confirm what the user did and provide them with confidence and assurance.

To show pop-ups, inject the  UiContext  interface to your class. The UiContext is implemented by AppContext, SubAppContext and Shell, so if you have one of those at hand, just reuse them.

Usage examples: 

public MyCustomClass(UiContext uiContext) {
	this.uiContext = uiContext;
// Send an INFO notification to the current user.
private openInfoNotification(String message) {
	uiContext.openNotification(MessageStyleTypeEnum.INFO, true, message);
// Send an ERROR notification to the current user.
private openErrorNotification(String message) {
	uiContext.openNotification(MessageStyleTypeEnum.ERROR, true, message);
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