The Siteimprove connector enables you to perform SEO checks by using the cloud-based application Siteimprove. It is a tool to help you score higher ranking in search engines and check how your content is performing over all.

Module structure


Provides a default implementation to connect to Siteimprove.


Maven is the easiest way to install the modules. Add the following dependencies to your webapp. All the other necessary dependencies will be brought in automatically:


Pre-built JARs are also available for download. See Installing a module for help.

Note that this connector also requires the following library for module license checks:


The module provides two configuration options.


optional, defaults to info.magnolia.connector.siteimprove.mapper.DefaultMapper

The default mapping implementation relies on the related site definition domain. You can add your custom implementation of the page mapping by implementing info.magnolia.connector.siteimprove.mapper.SiteImproveMapper and changing the related configuration.



Token provided by Siteimprove. The first time Siteimprove is contacted the token is stored here. There is no need to set the token manually.


Using the Siteimprove connector helps you fix and improve website accessibility, SEO, content quality and more. Siteimprove crawls websites through public URLs, which means that all pages are indexed from their public addresses.

Accessing the Siteimprove dashboard

To access the Siteimprove dashboard for the first time:

  1. Log into Magnolia.
  2. Open a page in the Pages app.
  3. Click the Siteimprove icon  to the right of the page.
  4. In the pop up window that opens, enter your Siteimprove credentials.
    The Siteimprove dashboard then displays the SEO results for the page you have open (and site the page belongs to).

Once you have logged in for the first time, the Siteimprove dashboard remains available via the icon for each page you open. 

If the Siteimprove icon is greyed out, log out of Magnolia and back in again.

Setting your website to be observed

Before any SEO check can be performed, you must set your website to be observed by Siteimprove. You can do this in the Siteimprove application itself.

Performing an SEO check

To perform an SEO check on your site, tree or page, click Check page in the Siteimprove dashboard. Siteimprove analyzes the page's content and displays results such as the DCI page score, number of broken links, misspellings and more.

Note: The default spell checker integration we provide is to an external service TextGears, Siteimprove offers its own. 

Release history

Siteimprove module 1.1.5

SIMPROVE-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Siteimprove module 1.1.4

The Siteimprove module is now part of the Optimization Connector Pack. Siteimprove enables you to perform SEO checks using the cloud-based application Siteimprove. It is a tool to help you score higher ranking in search engines and check how your content is performing over all.

For documentation for these legacy versions of Siteimprove, see Incubator - Siteimprove.

Version 1.1

Updated for Magnolia 6.0 compatibility.

Version 1.0.4

SIMPROVE-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Version 1.0.3

Initial release of the Extensions version of the module.

Siteimprove module compatibility

Siteimprove module versionMagnolia version

In versions predating 1.1.4, this module was in the Incubator

Uninstall previous versions before installing 1.1.4

1.1 6.0
1.0.4 5.6.5
1.0.3 5.6.4
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