Allow users to go full screen when they need to focus. It eliminates distractions from long tasks.

Support full screen mode in tasks where it is important to focus on one thing. For example, writing site copy is creative work. It requires concentration. The rich text editor supports this method of working by expanding to cover the entire dialog width and height. What remains is a white canvas where the text takes the center stage.

Another example is the page preview function. Full screen is needed so that editors can see the page in its natural size, occupying the entire browser viewport. Although Magnolia's UI chrome is low key, it still competes with content for user attention.

(tick) Rich text editor expands like a word processor.

(error) Short input does not benefit from full screen.


Full screen

  • Can be launched for subapps, dialogs and individual form fields.
  • Does not always make sense. When data is short a huge input field does not help.

Use when

  • A task needs undisturbed focus.
  • A task takes a long time.
  • Page needs to be viewed in full browser viewport
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