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This page and its subpages explain how to backup and restore data in a cloud-based Magnolia package.

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How and where data is kept safe

A Magnolia subscription package contains different types of data. We make sure that all your data is safe and can be recovered.

This table explains the different types of data and how and where we safeguard it.

Type of dataData is kept safe and backed up by100% recoverable

Magnolia software bundleMagnolia software repositoryYes
codeMagnolia light modules added by customer

Release versions and git repository


Magnolia software custom configuration

(JCR data from the workspaces configuration, users, userroles, usergroups)

Backup actions

Kept in backup data storage.

Only for Live environment


Editor created customer content

(JCR data in content workspaces such as, website, dam, category, contacts, etc.)

What data is backed up

When a backup is executed, the following data is saved from the Live environment in its current state:

  • Magnolia software custom configuration (JCR data form the workspaces configuration, users, userroles, usergroups).
  • Editor created customer content (JCR data from content workspaces such as, websitedamcategorycontacts, and so on).
  • The release version number (saved as metadata).
  • The Magnolia software version number (saved as metadata).

This applies to both for automatic and manual backups.

When data is backed up

Different events trigger the creation of backups:

How many backups are kept?

The system keeps the most recently created backup for each type:

  • One monthly backup
  • One weekly backup
  • One daily backup
  • One manually created backup

If you need more backups stored, contact the Cloud Helpdesk to find an arrangement.