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  • magnolia-dam-jcr
    • Magnolia specific DAM implementation based on JCR.
    • Stores DAM data in the JCR workspace dam.
    • Provides and configures the JCR specific AssetProvider JcrAssetProvider.
  • magnolia-dam-imaging
    • The link between magnolia-dam-jcr and the Imaging module.
    • Provides and configures ImagingBasedAssetRenderer which is a AssetRenderer based on magnolia-dam-jcr.


Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following to your bundle:



Magnolia DAM JCR configuration

As mentioned above, the configuration for  JcrAssetProvider and ImagingBasedAssetRenderer are set by their modules. Finally the configuration looks like this:

Node nameValue



















Note: NoOpAssetRenderer is configured by DAM core module but is shown here the sake completeness.