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AbstractOptionGroupFieldDefinition is a base definition class for option group select fields. It extends the AbstractSelectFieldDefinition class.

This option group field definition is part of the Magnolia 6 UI framework. Use any of the following concrete implementations:

If you work with the Magnolia 5 UI framework, see Option group field for Magnolia 5 UI instead.

Field properties

Field-specific properties


optional, default is vertical

Specifies the layout orientation of the field. Another possible value is horizontal.

Common select field properties



Connects the field to a data source. Options are populated via the configured data source.

Use the fully qualified class name or the $type alias if the definition class is annotated with info.magnolia.ui.datasource.DatasourceType.


optional, default is OFF (STARTSWITH in link field)

Vaadin FilteringMode. Available values are CONTAINS and STARTSWITH.

For this to work, you have to set the textInputAllowed property of combobox field to true.

Common simple field properties



Name of the field definition item. Derived from the configured node name. Use alphanumeric characters without spaces.


required (unless $type is used)

Type of the field definition item. The value must be a fully qualified class name and a subtype of info.magnolia.ui.field.FieldDefinition. See Field types for possible values.


You can use this as a shortcut for class if the definition class is annotated with info.magnolia.ui.field.FieldType. The proper value is defined by the annotation.

Example class annotation
public class TextFieldDefinition extends ConfiguredFieldDefinition<String> {

See Field types for possible values.


requireddefault is java.lang.String

Model type of the field. Use the fully qualified class name. See PropertyType for possible values.

A default type is typically hard-coded in each definition class. You only need to add this property if you want to override the default implementation (for example, with java.lang.Long).



Converts values between presentation (UI) and model (stored data). The property must extend


optional, default is translated conversion.message.error key

Message shown when there is an error in the conversion process. The value can be literal or a key of a message bundle. Use alphanumeric characters in literal values.



Pre-filled default value displayed in the field. The value can be overwritten by the user. Use alphanumeric characters.

(info) Applied only when creating a new item, not for already existing items.



Help text displayed when the user clicks the help icon. The value can be literal or a key of a message bundle.



Defines the factory class that initializes and builds the Vaadin form field. The default factory class depends on the particular field.

The value must be a fully qualified class name and a subtype of info.magnolia.ui.field.FieldFactory.



Defines the binder class that applies configuration parameters from the field.


optional, default is false

Enables i18n authoring support, which allows editors to write foreign-language or regionally targeted content. A two-letter language identifier (en, de, fr, etc.) is displayed on controls where i18n is set to true.



Field label displayed to editors. The value can be literal or a key of a message bundle.

If you do not provide the property, Magnolia will fall back to a generated i18n key.

If you do not want to have any label, set the property to an empty string such as label: "" in YAML.


optional, default is false

Makes the field uneditable.


optional, default is false (not relevant for checkbox field)

Makes the field required. An asterisk is displayed next to the field label.


optional, default is translated validation.message.required key

Error message shown when required is set to true and the user saves an empty field. The value can be literal or a key of a message bundle. Use alphanumeric characters in literal values.



Additional style information for an editor property definition item applied to the element when the form is rendered.

The value can be a CSS class or a list of CSS classes separated by white spaces.



List of field validator definition items. Any value must be a subtype of info.magnolia.ui.field.FieldValidatorDefinition.

See Field validators for more information.

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