Use light dialogs for quick input when you don't want to interrupt the user.

A light dialog is a user interface element which asks the user for quick input. Make sure the input is an integral part of the task the user is currently working on. A light dialog does not interrupt. It is just one step in a natural flow of the task.

Light dialogs

  • Collect quick input.
  • Are narrower than a regular dialog to emphasize tight focus.
  • Are modal but don't black out the background.

Use when

  • The input doesn't require long explanations. You don't have field descriptions or help text at your disposal. So be concise.
  • The input requires two form fields at most.
  • A regular dialog feels too heavy, surprising or disorienting.
  • You don't want the background to disappear.
  • Input can be given with minimal effort. Strip down what you want to show to the bare minimum.

(tick)  Renaming an item is quick. A light dialog works.

(error) You should not need an intrusive dialog.

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