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Welcome to the Magnolia NOW documentation home page.

Magnolia NOW is a cloud-based platform-as-a-service offering built on top of Magnolia CORE. It provides you with the complete infrastructure needed to run Magnolia and enables the continuous delivery of your custom modules.

Here you can find reference pages and tutorials. Learn how to use cloud-based Magnolia NOW. Read about the latest features delivered in the Magnolia NOW changelog.


Development life cycle

Get familiar with the agile development cycle of Magnolia NOW.

Managing environments

Learn to manage the environments of your package.

Backup and restore

Understand how Magnolia NOW backs up your data and how to recover your live environment.

Developing for Magnolia NOW  

  Create the light module hello-cloud  on your local machine and bring cloudy to your cloud-based Magnolia NOW instance until he's public on your Live environment - all done in a few clicks and minutes! 

Are you looking for the Magnolia CORE documentation?

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