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The Periscope Control module allows you to control Periscope's result ranking through a Magnolia property.

Periscope's result ranker uses neural networks to improve the search results returned by the find bar in Admincentral.

On starting up Magnolia, the Periscope Control module checks the setting of the Magnolia property magnolia.periscope.resultRanking and sets the behavior of Periscope's result ranking.

If set to true or if the property is not defined, the Periscope result ranker will be enabled.

If set to false, the Periscope result ranker will be disabled.

There are situations when the result ranker should not be used:

  • When running Magnolia in Docker containers that do not support the nd4j native libraries, such as Alpine (enabling the result ranker will cause an Alpine derived Docker container to crash)
  • When running Magnolia with limited memory (result ranking can consume large amounts of memory)

You could disable the result ranker by creating a simple light module that decorates the Periscope result ranker configuration, however, it can be more convenient to control the result ranker with a Magnolia property rather than a light module.

JIRAComing soon!


Maven is the easiest way to install the module. Add the following dependency to your bundle:

  <version>(current Periscope control module version)</version>


1.0Magnolia v6.1+ and Periscope v1.2.2


The Magnolia property magnolia.periscope.resultRanking is checked when the module starts.

The Periscope result ranker will be enabled if the property is set to true or is not defined, and set to false if magnolia.periscope.resultRanking=false.

You can set magnolia.periscope.resultRanking in:

  • A loaded file in your Magnolia web app (see Configuration Management)
  • As a Java system property, e.g. on the command line "-Dmagnolia.periscope.resultRanking=false" when starting the JVM


  • This module is at INCUBATOR level.


  • v1.0 - compatible with Magnolia v6.1+ and Periscope v1.2.2