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To bring


Please bring your laptop and make sure you have Java (version 1.7 or 1.8) installed.

 Click here if you don't know how to get Java

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Optionally: Install cURL. (Note that cURL might be already installed on LINUX and Mac but not on Windows.)

Front-end development skills

The most important thing to bring to the workshop is your front-end development knowledge.

Reading list

There is no obligation to read anything for the workshop. Nevertheless, you will find it helps to be familiar with some of the topics below beforehand.

Hello Magnolia

We will assume that you know the basics of Magnolia. If you are completely new to Magnolia, please read at least the first section of the Hello Magnolia tutorial entitled Installing Magnolia. If you have a bit more time, read on and get an idea of what a page template is and how to create one.

Content app

A content app is a feasible source for structured content that can be used on multiple channels. Please read some of the documentation on this subject to understand the concept of a Magnolia content app. See My first content app, Parts of a content app.


Make sure you have at least a vague idea about what REST is, what a REST endpoint is, how Magnolia provides frameworks to enable REST endpoints, and that Magnolia ships with preconfigured REST endpoints.

See REST module, REST API, My first REST request.

If you are a striver ...

... or a nerd, have a look at the Accessing content on the client side tutorial. The tutorial contains material similar to what is planned during the workshop. However, the workshop will use a more sophisticated content app and cover more techniques.


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