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A brief guide to editing this wiki, including information on how to create an account, add pages and edit pages.


Logging In

Your Magnolia JIRA account is your wiki account

If you already have an account on the Magnolia JIRA instance, then you already have an account for editing this wiki. Just visit the log in ( page and enter your account details.

Creating a new JIRA account

If you don't have an account on the Magnolia JIRA instance, visit!default.jspa and fill in the form. Once you've registered, come back and log in.

Editing the Wiki

This is the Magnolia CMS wiki. As such, please keep your contributions focused on Magnolia CMS and related technology.

Please do include:

  • tips, scripts, templates, best practices, and anything else that might prove useful for someone using Magnolia CMS.
  • content that you own or have the rights to share

Please don't include:

  • information not relevant to Magnolia CMS, such as your favourite pizza toppings, elephant grooming tips or discussions of the merits of Eurovision.
  • copyrighted materials which you don't have the right to share.

Improving an existing page

If you notice a spelling error, out-of-date information or a small gap in the content of an existing page, we encourage you to go ahead and make the edit.

For large changes, such as adding new sections or rewriting existing sections, you may want check with the page creator or others who have made significant changes to a page. Use the History item of the Tools menu to see who's worked on the page recently, then click on their name to see their user page and get in touch.

Adding a new page

If you'd like to add a new page, find a suitable parent page, then use the Page item of the Add menu to create your new page. 


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