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Outdated with 5.2.2

This module is outdated and will not work with 5.3 or higher
 The Social Media Hub is a community developed app provided by an official Magnolia CMS partner.

Mastering social media with Tinext

Tinext is an official Magnolia International partner. Because Tinext knows the value of social media when developing and promoting your business, they have developed the Social Media Hub app that enables you to integrate social media functionality into Magnolia CMS.

Features include:

  • easy sharing of web content;
  • a dashboard-style view of statistics;
  • support for multiple accounts on services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Note - The Social Media Hub does not feature Tinext branding.

Download Social Media Hub 

Try version 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar  (tested up to Magnolia 5.2.2 CE)

Or get latest version from nexus.

Or add dependency to maven:


Main features

  • Permits posting on Twitter account or Facebook pages via the Magnolia UI
  • Manual and automatic content sharing
  • Multi-language support
  • URL shortening via Google service (other services are pluggable). When adding URLs, Social Media Hub automatically shortens them through Google URL shortening service.
  • Automatic hash-tagging - The app allows you as well to add hashtags automatically to all your tweets, according to a dictionary which can be managed in the settings of the application.
  • Sharing history
  • Stats and insights (trends, like count, mentions, re-Tweets)
  • Community Edition based, can be upgraded to Enterprise Edition 


The Social Media Hub module has been developed specifically for Magnolia 5, and it integrates social media functions into the Content Management System: thanks to a dashboard, any editor can easily select a page in his own website, and share it on the social network he prefers in just a few clicks. The app can manage at the same time different Twitter accounts and multiple Facebook pages. Trends, insights, and statistics are shown directly on the app’s dashboard, so that editors are kept informed about the key metrics of the different social accounts.


Tinext presented the Social Media Hub at the Magnolia Conference 2013. 

Installing the app

What do I need before starting?


  1. Drop your jar into WEB-INF/lib folder and install the module:

  2. The module will prompt some useful hints during installation (both log and screen):

  3. After installation, you should be a new group of Apps in Magnolia AdminCentral (Social: SocialHub, Social Config). 

  4. Connect the Social Media Module with Facebook and Twitter apps. Create one if necessary:

    1. Signup to
    2. Create a new application
    3. Copy 'App ID' and 'App Secret' in Social Media Hub config page
    1. Signup to
    2. Create a new application
    3. Copy 'Consumer Key' and 'Consumer Secret' in Social Media Hub config page
  5. After obtaining the keys, open the Social Media Hub Config App and set the values:

    Note - Remember to change your Public Url: it is needed by Social Media Hub to generate your sharing links from Author Instance (often not exposed to public audience).

  6. Open the Social Media Dashboard Hub App and login to Facebook and Twitter:

Facebook setup

After log in (and app authorizations) the social media functionality should be activated.

Twitter setup

With Twitter, the initial setup procedure is once-off; the Social Media Hub stores the information for your next Magnolia login:



- migrated to Magnolia CE 5.2.2.
- changed module start/install order (added dependency to STK).
- changed console.log() to log().
- fixed
- added an account button counter, to inform the user about how many social media accounts are connected.
- bundled appKeys/secrets. App should work out of the box.
- changed the "noisy" alert about missing Facebook pages bound to the logged user account.


Social Media Hub is licensed under GNU GPL v3: you are free to use, change and redistribute this software for personal use or commercial purposes.

Learn more

Tinext is an official Magnolia International partner:


  1. Hi Matteo!

    Where can people get the social media hub?

  2. At this time Hudson is not able to automatically produce the jar (due to a POM not so compliant to standard forge poms (smile))

    Please find the Social Media HUB jar attached here: tinext-magnolia-social-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

    I will update the project POM asap! 

    1. Matteo, and update on status? A final version 1.0? Any installation instructions? Do I need to install on author/public/both? It fails to install for me.

      1. "New" version is ready. Please try it at home!! 

  3. Module updated to Magnolia 5.2.2 (and few bugs fixed). 

  4. Hi Matteo,

    Any objections to pulling this page into the Academy as a showcase? Nothing changes. It will be exactly the same page, simply pulled elsewhere using an 'include page' macro. I ask because just last week I posted. 

    The location for this would be either A) in an app integration module in the Integration course.  B) a simple addendum to the Provisioning stream, which has a course on Content apps. My objection to B is that you have gone well beyond the scope of a content app here. This is proper front-end integration.

    More info

    Really cool would be a high level breakdown of the steps to achieve this. Note - If this in the video, ignore this comment. 

    App name

    • Social Media Hub, vrs 
    • Social media app

    Why not simply  'Social media app'? This sticks with convention, rolls off the tongue - and the hub bit can always get mentioned in the app description. Just an idea.

    Cool app though. So thanks.

  5. Hi Gavan, 

    first, thanks for this page restyling, now it looks more professional (smile)

    And then, yes, feel free to include it in Academy, where you think it would be more appropriate. Feel free also to rename it as "Social media app". I will update the name in next build.
    About providing more infos, steps, as soon as I have time I will upload some screenshots. But I can not tell you when exactly..

    Many thanks again! 

  6. Very welcome. (smile) Thanks for this. Before you update the build, let me just check with the app guru here, Andreas, about the name change. Will confirm by this afternoon.

    1. For sure my next build won't be this afternoon, take your time (smile)

  7. Hi Matteo. Change of plan; instead of pulling the page into the Academy, I will link to it. This is a more subtle approach. Casual Academy visitors might take the community apps, as 'official'.