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The Magnolia documentation contains several kind of examples in different form. This unconference discussion was aimed to get feedback from Magnolia developers / implementers what form of examples they would like to see in terms of:

  • Effective learning
  • Convenience


Different ways to configure a content app:

 1) Configure by hand2) Download configuration as XML3) Clone the complete module
Effective learning(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)
Pros Helps you understand componentsFast
Time consuming
 Don't learn anything

Is there a good way between the plain docu which offers some config-tree-fragments which the user must copy/paste and the complete module available from git or jira?


Here's what the people joining the session said:

  • Tutorials with step-by-step instructions are very welcome.
    • Conclusion: We can't just provide a Git link. It is is too simplistic and you don't learn anything. Steps that explain the "what and why" help you understand.
  • Writing configuration manually is frustrating and error prone.
    • This means XML downloads and Git clones are appreciated.
    • Conclusion: An ideal tutorial is a compromise that includes a fast-track option (Git) but also explains the details.
  • Idea: Downloadable XML could have gaps, such as asking the reader to fill in missing property values as an exercise. Interesting for a beginner but annoying for advanced users. Documentation should be complete. Academy and class room training are for exercises.
    • Conclusion: We will not leave gaps in docs. It is more important that documentation is perceived as complete and accurate than a great pedagogic experience.
  • Idea: Provide a version for beginners and a version for experts in the same page. For example, high-level steps that expand to show more detail when clicked or high-level steps that link to a more detailed procedure.
    • Training material already does this. It is possible but requires a lot of editing effort and efficient content re-use.
    • Table of contents already is a kind of high-level steps. If you write your headings well, an experienced user should have a lot of clue.
    • Conclusion: We won't do this for now.
  • Complaint: The monospaced font is difficult to tell apart from normal text. We use the Consolas font. Could use Courier instead.
    • Consolas:
    • Courier:


There is no single recipe for the ideal example in documentation. It is probably a combination of speedy Git link for speed freaks and a detailed explanation for newbies. We are already very close. Refine the repice and keep repeating. (thumbs up)


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