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Make it easier to activate depended upon resources when activating a page

  • When activating a page, list things that it depends on that also needs to be activated, have a button for each that allows it to be activates
    • Alternatively, select which ones to activate and have an option to activate all
  • Also possibly allow each resource to be opened up for review

Crop to a fixed ratio in image editor

  • Allow a ratio to be specified for the crop area, so that it always maintains the same ratio when resized

Make JCR import/export more user friendly

  • Have a progress bar when import takes a long time
  • Allow partial progress to be saved when process fails in the middle
  • Allow export to Excel format

Better error messages when errors result from missing permissions

  • When something cannot happen because of permissions, report it explicitly in the log (or in the UI) so that it is possible to tell when something didn't happen because of permissions problems

Allow Newsletter module to use Amazon service to send

  • Allow Newsletter module to use Amazon SES to send mail
  • Recipients still managed within Magnolia, as is newsletter design

Form to DB app

  • App already exists on forge Link
  • Purpose is to allow data entered by form created using Magnolia's form module to be saved in the JCR for easy viewing and export to Excel
  • In order to do this now, marketing uses Google Forms

Allow page served by Magnolia to be converted to pdf

  • Code to do this might already exist

App for viewing log

  • May embed one of the several existing log analyzers as an app
  • Ideally with a good UX on iPad

JCR browser for every workspace

  • Have a user friendly JCR browser (with Vaadin tree perhaps) for selectable workspace

Diff app for JCR

  • See what has changed in the JCR to know what to export or debug what may be wrong
  • May be nice to be able to make snapshots for diff

Consolidated view of inherited properties and nodes

  • Show all the nodes and properties inherited from extends or prototype
  • Allow quick navigation to the place where property inherited from
  • Allow quick override

Views in Configuration to focus on only what is important

  • Select subtrees in config and show only those in a subapp in order to focus on them and for quick navigation

Google Maps Engine App

  • An app to create custom google maps on base of the google maps engine
  • You can set Markers, draw lines and add custom map styles
  • Could be a combination of a browser app and a iframe app. 

Global Excel Export Action

  • Add an action to export your data in excel


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